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Eric Rodriguez

Rank: Deputy Chief - Training

Date of Hire: 04/01/2010

EMS Certification: Basic 

Eric's remarkable journey in the fire service commenced at a tender age of 16 when he volunteered for the Cy-Fair Fire Department. It was here that he had his first taste of the world of firefighting, and it became evident to him that this was a career path he was passionately committed to, aspiring to become a third-generation firefighter.

Driven by his unyielding determination, Eric proactively sought out training opportunities, dedicating himself to honing his skills and accruing valuable experience on the fire truck. Simultaneously, during his high school years, Eric exhibited exceptional versatility, earning a letter in Baseball, Football, and Wrestling. He was actively engaged in student council, debate, and the P.A.L. program, demonstrating his commitment to both academic and extracurricular pursuits.

Eric's pursuit of excellence led him to Wharton County Junior College, where he pursued his education in Fire and EMT training. Shortly thereafter, at the age of 19, Eric's dedication to his craft bore fruit when he was offered a position within MCESD1. This marked the beginning of an impressive career within the department, characterized by a steadfast commitment to continuous improvement and training. Over the years, Eric enthusiastically embraced the training opportunities provided by ESD1, resulting in his progressive ascent through the ranks. Notably, he achieved the rank of Lieutenant in 2012 and further elevated his position to Battalion Chief in 2018. His dedication and expertise eventually earned him the role of Deputy Chief of Logistics in 2021, followed by his most recent appointment as Deputy Chief of Training in 2023.

Eric's deep interest in the complex details of how the fire department runs is evident. He takes great pride in making sure everything operates smoothly. His unchanging commitment to this aspect of the organization demonstrates his strong dedication to the field of firefighting.

Away from the fire department, Eric shares a fulfilling life with his wife, Kaitlin, to whom he has been married to since 2010. Together, they are proud parents to a son and a daughter, who are actively engaged in sports and frequently embark on family adventures. Eric's commitment to his family is a reflection of his dedication to building strong and fulfilling relationships both at work and at home.






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