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Michael Olson

Rank: Deputy Chief - Logistics 

Date of Hire: 10/01/2011

EMS Certification: Basic 

Michael Olson's journey into the world of firefighting was not a childhood dream, but rather a profound calling shaped by a tragic family event. This unwavering commitment to the Fire Service led him to the Cy-Fair Fire Academy, where he embarked on his path in 2006, ultimately graduating in 2007 and subsequently obtaining his EMT-B certification during the summer of that same year.

From the very beginning of his time at the Fire Academy, Michael recognized that the Fire Service was destined to be the fulfilling career he had been seeking. Unfortunately, during this period, the opportunities for Fire Service employment were scarce. Undeterred, Michael took up a role with a private ambulance service, biding his time until he could find the ideal Fire Department where he could dedicate his passion and skills.

Michael Olson's association with Montgomery County ESD 1 commenced in October of 2011. Since then, he has exhibited an unrelenting commitment to growth and excellence within the department. Michael's journey has been marked by an unwavering dedication to self-improvement, participation in numerous training programs, and the acquisition of multiple certifications. His exceptional capabilities and leadership qualities have been evident through his swift ascent through the ranks within MCESD 1. Notably, he assumed the role of Lieutenant in 2014, Captain in 2020, and Battalion Chief in 2021, ultimately being appointed as Deputy Chief of Logistics in 2023.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Michael values his time off as an opportunity to nurture his family bonds. He is a devoted parent, consistently supporting and attending sporting events for his three children. Additionally, he enjoys occasional family travels, cherishing these moments of togetherness. Michael Olson embodies a deep-seated commitment to service, both within the Montgomery County ESD 1 Fire Department and within his own family circle.