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Kirk Bailey

Rank: Assistant Chief 

Date of Hire: 09/01/2007

EMS Certification: Advanced 


Chief Kirk Bailey embarked on his dedicated journey in the field of fire service back in 2003, commencing his career as a volunteer fireman with the North Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Department. His commitment and passion for the profession led him to transition into a full-time firefighter role within the same department in 2007, which has since evolved into the present-day Montgomery County ESD 1.

Chief Bailey's impressive ascent through the ranks is a testament to his unwavering dedication. He began as a full-time firefighter, steadily progressing to the role of Shift Battalion Chief. Over the years, he has actively contributed to various vital committees within the department, including those focused on Apparatus, Building, and Interview processes.

Chief Bailey's remarkable journey continued with his promotion to Deputy Chief of Training for Montgomery County ESD 1 in 2021, where he continued to influence the development of the department's firefighting personnel. One of his most notable accomplishments to date while he led the training division was the development of Montgomery County ESD 1’s very first In-House Fire Academy.  

His most recent achievement in 2023 is his appointment as Assistant Chief in Operations for Montgomery County ESD 1, reflecting his exemplary leadership and commitment to the department. Chief Bailey's dedication to professional development is evident in his educational accomplishments, having obtained a Fire Science Degree from Lonestar College in 2019 and completing the Fire Service Chief Executive Officer School at Texas A&M in 2021.

Simultaneously, in 2007, Chief Bailey extended his expertise to the Cut-N-Shoot Volunteer Fire Department on a part-time basis, a commitment that continued until the merger with North Montgomery County Fire Department in 2016. In 2012, he began his part-time service with Montgomery County ESD 9, initially serving as a Duty Captain. His dedication and proficiency soon led to his promotion to Battalion Chief of Training, culminating in his appointment as Deputy Chief of Operations within Montgomery County ESD 9.

Outside of his professional pursuits, Chief Bailey treasures the time spent with his family, his wife Trisha, and their two children. He loves the opportunity to travel whenever his schedule permits, balancing his commitment to the fire service with his personal interests and family life.













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