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Fri Jul, 19 2024 @ 15:52

  • Medical Emergency
  • City: Willis

Fri Jul, 19 2024 @ 14:11

  • Medical Emergency
  • City: Willis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Fire Department respond to cats in trees?

No, we only respond to life-threatening emergencies.  If you have a cat caught in a tree or on a roof, try putting some food out and wait.  Be patient, they usually always come down when they get hungry.  At times, citizens have contacted a local rental agency and rented a cherry-picker to retrieve their pet. 

Does the Fire Department fill swimming pools?

No, unfortunately MCESD 1 does not provide this service.

Why are MCESD 1's fire trucks blue?

“Why are your Fire Trucks blue?”

The question has been asked so many times.  We have all heard multiple stories on how Montgomery County ESD 1 came to have blue Fire Trucks, rather than the traditional color red. 
Recently, we sat down with our county Fire Marshal, Jimmy Williams, who was also a member of the department for 37 years, to talk about his career.  This question in particular came up and he was able to give us this answer.
In 1981, Willis Volunteer Fire Department and Panorama Volunteer Fire Department joined together to form the North Montgomery County Volunteer Fire Department.  At the time, North Montgomery County Fire Department was referred to as “the rainbow Fire Department”, due to its collection of apparatus that were red, white, and lime green.  The newly formed department needed to purchase another truck, and the Board began discussions as to what color it should be.  The department had an annual budget of only $70,000, so a used truck was purchased from Whitman Square Fire Company in New Jersey, Washington Township.  When the truck arrived, it was Sierra Blue and the combined Board loved the color.  Now, 37 years later, our trucks are all blue!!  We get recognized everywhere we go, and get so many compliments on the uniqueness of the light blue color of our Apparatus.  That’s how we became nicknamed the “Smurfs”! 

When and where can I burn leaves and/or trash?

REMEMBER, there is NO burning allowed inside the city limits.  The county also has restrictions on when and where you can burn.  To obtain current infomation on outdoor burning, burn bans, or burning permits, contact the Montgomery County Fire Marshal at (936) 538-8288.  

Is there a Burn Ban in effect?

There is NO burning allowed inside the city limits.  If you live outside the city limits, the Montgomery County Fire Marshal's Office can be reached at (936) 538-8288.  If there is a possilbe burn ban in effect, please check first, before you burn.  If you do burn during a ban, your fire will be put out and you may be charged a fine.  For more information, please contact the Montgomery County Fire Marshal.  

How do I obtain a copy of a Fire/Incident Report?

To obtain a copy of an incident report, your request must be submitted in writing only.  Open records requests may be submitted via one the following methods:

-Email -

-Fax - (936) 856-8427

-U.S. Mail - 310 N. Danville St., Suite A, Willis, TX 77378

-In person - 310 N. Danville St., Suite A, Willis, TX 77378

-Or use the link provided on our homepage, and choose the purpose called "Records Request"


Please include the following information in your request:

-Date of incident

-Type of incident

-Location/Address of incident

-Requester's name, address, contact phone number, and email address




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